How to Recognize An Original Or Fake Perfume?

Even in the big stores, unfortunately, sometimes it happens to buy a fake perfume, instead of the original.

But fortunately, there are some things in which you can find out the difference and recognize it is original or fake:

  1. Packaging

The original perfume covers firmly taut cellophane that is not twisted.

  1. Edge of the packaging

Pieced seams where the package should never be greater than 5 mm, if it is original.

  1. Cardboard

Carton always has a special design and original boxes are never without it. Plus, if it is an original, it should be made of high quality cardboard.

  1. Inscriptions on the package

Sign Eco packaging (arrows in a circle) has a black arrow that always goes to the top, in terms of the brighter part. For copies it is reversible.

  1. The design of perfume

Often you can find perfumes that are very similar to the original name and design, therefore, carefully look at what you are buying.

  1. The color of perfume

The popular brands often make a perfume with brighter shades.

  1. Cap of the perfume

Is it original or fake and you can find out by the cover which must be completely symmetrical, if the original.

  1. The Bottle

The originals are carefully made and each bottle is completely symmetrical.


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